Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Reading List

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think it's quite commical that I am counting down the days until summer vacation starts ... (10 full school days, 3 half days, 1 professional development day).  And yet, the first week of summer vacation will involve a trip to the book store, or amazon, to buy books to start reading for ...  yep.... you guessed it.... NEXT YEAR!  :) 

Anyway, here are the books on my list for the summer!  Please share yours when you have a chance. 

Math Wall Linky Party

Little Miss Kindergarten is having a Math and Calendar Wall Linky party, so I thought I'd join up!  Teaching fifth grade, I don't have a calendar wall anymore.  (I do still have the pocket chart calendar displayed, though!)  But I have been thinking about some new ideas for a math bulletin board next year.  Because my students are older and more independent, I was thinking of putting the bulletin board in their hands.  We use Everyday Math - so at the end of each lesson I was thinking of giving one student a colored piece of cardstock (large notecard size 5 x 8) and having them write the most important part of the lesson.  For example, if we learned the formula for area of a triangle, they could write and design that notecard for the bulletin board.  Each chapter we'd start over. 

I've seen some really great ideas on Beth Newingham's Website for a math wall.  She also has great ideas for implementing the math workshop in your classroom.  Something else to think about! :)

Thanks for reading my ideas - if you have any suggestions please help me out!  Otherwise, head on over to Miss Kindergarten and leave your own ideas! 

Little Miss Kindergarten


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book Review

Fellow Bloggers, you've inspired me!  I just created my very own TpT account.  The first document I will be sharing is my book review!  My class of fifth graders are working on this assignment this week and so far they love it.  I've created a little spin on the traditional book review.  Please head to my TpT account and download this book review for FREE!  (While there, please take a moment to rate my product!)